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Environmental Feasibility of Projects


As it is very important to determine the technical and financial feasibility, perform market studies and determine the profitability of a project, it is currently convenient and even indispensable to evaluate the environmental feasibility of the projects.

From the beginning of a project it is extremely important to consider the natural conditions of the land and identify the environmental regulations and restrictions that may harm the development of the project.


Currently environmental legislation and environmental permits to obtain the approval for the construction and operation of any activity, work or project they are getting stricter. There is more control over the impacts that developments can generate on the environment, which limits the possibility of developing a large amount of land.

The environmental feasibility study refers to a previous analysis of the land where you want to develop an activity, work or project in terms of physical and environmental factors that influence to determine if it is feasible or not, or if it requires modifications so that you can be developed complying with all the regulations and legislations in force in environmental matters.

The environmental feasibility studies carried out by Geo Costa Rica provide extremely valuable information for decision making regarding the use that can be made of a land, the final design of the project and the strategies that must be taken to comply with regulations environmental protection in the country.

It is important to carry out the feasibility study from the beginning of the project and even before making the purchase of the land, since it provides certainty that the planned project can be carried out on the selected land before incurring in greater expenses.

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