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Permit to locate wastewater treatment systems

Prior to the revision of the construction plans of a wastewater treatment plant, you must have a location permit. At Geo Costa Rica we can help you process this permit, which must be requested at the Ministry of Health.

This must meet various requirements such as:

  • Proposed location of the area destined to the treatment system, indicating its preliminary dimensions.
  • Dimensioning of withdrawals to be kept between the treatment system and the boundaries of the property that will contain it or the existing and projected buildings within the same property.
  • Proposed location for vent head or sewer connection, if any.
  • Direction of the flow of the bodies of water that cross or adjoin the property.
  • Location of existing or projected water supply wells, within the same property of the global project.
  • Location of wells and sources of water supply existing in the properties adjacent to the global project, within a radius of 200 meters from the treatment plant.

If there is no availability of sanitary sewer in operation, you can choose the following options:

  • Discharged to a receiving body of permanent flow: For which you must have the discharge permit issued by the Water Directorate of MINAE.
  • Reuse: Drinking comply with the provisions of the Wastewater Discharge and Reuse Regulation.
  • Infiltration in the field: It requires a calculation memory that demonstrates the viability of such infiltration issued by a professional.
  • Evaporation: Requires a calculation memory issued by a professional.

Once the application has been received, the Ministry of Health will issue the respective resolution within a period of twenty-two calendar days, if positive, the placement permit will be valid for two years.

Source: Regulation of Approval of Wastewater Treatment Systems.
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