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SPT (Standard Penetration Test)

This is one of the techniques of dynamic penetration most used in conducting surveys and geotechnical recognition because it is economical and also allows you to take a soil test inside.

It allows us to determine the most important geotechnical parameters for the characterization of soils with parameters such as soil stratigraphy, cut resistance, relative density and support capacity.

It consists in measuring the number of strokes necessary so that a cylindrical and hollow spoon is introduced 15 cm (with a dimension of 51 mm in diameter and 35 mm of hollow space in its interior where it allows to take soil samples)dropping, with a constant frequency,a mass of 63.5kg on the head that is placed in the upper part of the linkage at a free height of 76 cm.


The number of blows or resistance of penetration gives us an idea about the capacity of support of the land, in addition it allows us to obtain an altered sample of the soil to analyze the type of soil in the laboratory. If the number of hits is greater than 50, it is indicated as a rejection and the test is considered finished.

The data obtained is important for the calculation of the load capacity of surface foundations allowing recommendations on the foundation system to be used, the layer of soil where the foundations are laid, the compaction of the ground, determine the susceptibility to liquefaction by earthquakes and the local stability of the works.

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