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Basic Engineering Study

This study is fundamental for the processing of Environmental Impact Studies of any project that modifies the environment where it will be located,for which the field is studied with respect to the soil support capacity, the hydrology of the nearby water bodies and the anthropic risk.

Geotechnical data of support capacity or foundation:

This has the purpose of evaluating the physical-mechanical characteristics of the soil to offer geotechnical recommendations necessary to determine the technical feasibility of the work to be carried out.

In accordance with the provisions of the Costa Rica Code of Foundations, it must be applied when it is desired to develop buildings, houses, buildings for commerce or industry, land movements, landfills, docks, containment structures, bridges, viaducts, excavations, roads and in general any work that modifies the environment where it is located.

Geotechnical drilling should be carried out by drilling prospecting or exploration wells, taking as a criterion to define the number and type of tests the geological information of the terrain.

In the event that the activity, work or project is located in a terrain with a slope greater than or equal to 15%, or adjacent to it, it must also integrate a Slope Stability Assessment into the soil study.

Basic hydrology data of the nearest water channel

Its purpose is on the one hand to determine the natural load capacity of the channel to receive the runoff water that the activity, work or project could contribute as a result of the development of the project.

Este debe presentarse en aquellos casos que el desarrollo produzca un aumento mayor a un 10% de la escorrentía superficial que discurre de forma directa hacia el cauce principal, ya sea por la impermeabilización del suelo o la introducción de nuevos caudales de agua por riego a extracción de aguas subterráneas.

This should be presented in those cases where the development produces an increase of more than 10% of the surface runoff that runs directly towards the main channel, either by the waterproofing of the soil or the introduction of new water flows by irrigation to extraction of groundwater.

Certification on consideration of anthropic risk

Its purpose is to demonstrate that the design of the activity, work or project that is to be developed has considered the existence of potential sources of anthropic risk for such as gas or fuel storage tanks, electric transmission lines, storage and handling of dangerous substances , pipelines, gas pipelines among others.

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