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Procedures in the Water Directorate

The Water Directorate (DA) is a body dependent on the MINAE responsible for the integrated and sustainable management of water resources, ensuring their availability in quantity and quality appropriate to the needs of the country.

The administration of water resources at the national level is among the main functions of the DA, therefore it is charged with resolving the domain, control, use and utilization of water bodies and channels.

In Geo Costa Rica we have experience in the management of procedures in the DA for the use of water.

Among the procedures we perform are the following:


-Permission of underground drilling

- Discharge permits

- Work permits in riverbed

- Agricultural drainage permit

- Concession of underground water

- Concession of surface water

- Hydraulic power concession

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Processing, monitoring and environmental assessment in hydrogeological studies, natural hazards, well drilling, water concession and Environmental Impact Studies.

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