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Well drilling permits

We carry out the complete process for the drilling of artesian or perforated water wells by percussion or rotopercussion, the obtaining of the perforation permits in the office of the Water Direction of MINAE, the hydrogeological studies for SENARA, if necessary, the environmental viability in SETENA and finally obtaining the Water Concession so that its well can operate complying with all legal requirements.

The location of a well must have a series of requirements to be able to count on the permits of law such as the buffer zone to the boundaries of the property, streets and infrastructures, as well as water bodies such as rivers, streams, lakes or the sea, in addition, there are restricted areas where well drilling is prohibited.

Depending on the conditions and the place where you want to drill, you must have detailed hydrogeological studies to determine certain characteristics of the area to be drilled, such as the capture area of the well, interference with nearby bodies of water, possible saline intrusion in coastal areas among others.

At Geo Costa Rica we are experts in the analysis of groundwater and aquifers, as well as in the consultancy, processing and monitoring of drilling permits and concession of ground and surface water, and we have strategic alliances with drilling companies as long and wide of the national territory to offer our customers the complete process for drilling their wells.

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Processing, monitoring and environmental assessment in hydrogeological studies, natural hazards, well drilling, water concession and Environmental Impact Studies.

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