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Exploratory Drilling with Core Recovery

The drill cores are samples of absolute representativeness of the subsoil for petrophysical, sedimentological, micro-paleontological etc. analyzes, allowing laboratory analyses and offering reliable results of any lithology.

It consists of a drilling machine which uses a rotary drill of hollow cross section, which allows to recover samples in cylindrical form of the subsoil, called drill cores or witnesses. These are taken at specific depth,s preserving its geological structure and its physicochemical characteristics.


The collection of drill cores is usually necessary for the hydrogeological studies required by the National Service of Groundwater Irrigation and Drainage (SENARA) to determine the affectation of the hydric resource. They usually request a 20m deep drilling.

This type of drilling allows to determine locally the stratigraphy of the subsoil of the area of the project to be analyzed, especially where there is scarce information, to describe the lithological column, to report the levels of groundwater and to carry out tests of the soil layers.

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