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Quick Archaeological Study

The purpose of this study is to obtain a quick overview of the presence or absence of evidence of the existence of an archaeological site and obtaining professional certification on the situation of the land in the subject.

This should be used when you want to develop buildings, houses, buildings for trade or industry, earthworks, landfills, docks, containment structures, bridges, viaducts, excavations, roads and in general, any work that modifies or alters the ground where you want to develop.

It is represented by a fast filling form, called Archaeological Inspection Form, which is done by a professional in archeology once he has made an inspection of the farm where the activity, work or project will be developed.

This document must indicate the presence or absence of one or several cultural traits, understood as any material evidence of prehispanic activity. It should indicate the density of material or quantity of archaeological materials that are observed at a glance by m2.
Prehispanic ceramics is all that fragment or piece made from cooked or dried clay and the lithic are instruments, tools or debris made from different types of rocks.There are also many types of traits that are subject to study such as tombs, mounds or foundations.

With all this information, it must be explained if an archaeological site not previously reported is located as a product of the inspection, and if so, the duly completed registration form must be attached to this report. In addition, information such as the approximate length of the archaeological site and a map or sketch should be collected.
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