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We perform the following services:


The hydrogeological studies focus on analyzing the behavior of groundwater in the geological environment.

Some of the studies we do are:

  • Infiltration tests
  • Aquifer vulnerability analysis
  • Well and springs protection areas
  • Analysis of the area of ​​influence of bodies of water
  • Transit of pollutants
  • Determination of the protection radius of a well

Potential natural hazards:

It is fundamental for the development of a project analyze potential natural threats that can affect a terrain, because it is considered the potential agents that can cause affectation.

Among these are:

  • Geological faults
  • Volcanic activity
  • Hydrometeorological threats
  • Stability of hillsides
  • Geotectonic studies

Soil studies:

We carry out soil studies using the DPL method (Dinamic Probing Light) which tells us the bearing capacity of the ground for structures of up to two floors.

This technique allows us to determine the most important geotechnical parameters for the characterization of soils such as soil stratigraphy, cut resistance, relative density and support capacity.


We do all the paperwork and studies necessary to obtain the permits for operation of Pits and public domain riverbed for the extraction of mining materials.

  • Pits
  • CDP Cause de Dominio Publico (Public Domain Riverbed)
  • Mining
  • DGM Directorate of Geology and Mines.

Environmental Impact Studies

The National Environmental Technical Secretariat (SETENA) is the state agency in charge of harmonizing the environmental impact with the productive processes in Costa Rica. Therefore there are a series of procedures that must be done prior to the development of a project.

Our professional team provides solutions for the preparation of studies to process environmental viabilities. The documents requested include the following forms:



This process consists of a valuation prior to the development of the project in order to determine the potential environmental viability.This must be done with the technical help of an environmental consultant registered in the Register of Environmental Consultants of SETENA.


This process consisting of a Solemn Declaration of Environmental Commitments from the project developer. Its purpose is to grant environmental feasibility to projects whose potential impact does not consider the realization of a D1 protocol.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA):

This aims to evaluate the possible environmental impact of a specific project or work by means of the technical analysis of several specialized professionals, in order to have an objective point of view for the development of an activity or project.

Well drilling permits

We make perforations using simple percussion and rotopercussion methods with depths of up to 220 m when the medium allows it, likewise, all the procedures and permits for drilling, legalization and water concession are carried out.

Drilling permits:

All pre-drilling procedures are included in addition to hydrogeological studies in case it is necessary to analyze the interference with other wells, springs or bodies of water.

Water Concession:

Procedure in the Water Directorate of MINAE to request the use of water resources.

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Processing, monitoring and environmental assessment in hydrogeological studies, natural hazards, well drilling, water concession and Environmental Impact Studies.

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