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In Geo Costa Rica we are dedicated to EVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANCY in geology and Natural Resources Management with special emphasis on surface and underground water resources.

We have experience in processing, advising and monitoring activities, works and projects so that our clients comply with the environmental legislation of Costa Rica. We offer our customers efficiency in the environmental permit approval process for the development of projects.

We process permits in Costa Rican government institutions such as National Environmental Technical Secretariat (SETENA), the MINAE Water Directorate, National Service of Groundwater, Irrigation and Drainage (SENARA), Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA), Directorate of Geology and Mines (DGM) and Municipalities among others where it is necessary to analyze the geological environment and surface and underground water resources.


Environmental Assessment and Management

-Environmental Viability, Environmental Impact Sudies, Environmental Management Plans, environmental regencies, supervision of works and projects, protocols and justifications.

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Estudios Hidrogeológicos

Hydrogeological Studies

-Infiltration tests, vulnerability analysis, well and springs protection areas, analysis of the area of influence of a body of water, transit of pollutants.

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Amenazas Naturales

Natural Threats

-Geological faulting, volcanic activity, Hydrometeorological threats, stability of hillsides, geotectonic studies or for affectation of geological faults.

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Estudios Hidrogeológicos

Well drilling

-Perforation of wells by roto-percussion and percussion, procedures and permits in SENARA, water concession in the MINAE Water Directorate.

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Throughout our career we have made strategic alliances with various professionals within the area of environmental assessment such as drilling companies, independent consultants, engineers and other professionals necessary for the processing of environmental viabilities, drilling of wells, water concessions, permits for service stations among others where it is necessary to analyze the geological environment, soil and groundwater.

We form a multidisciplinary team with experienced professionals to accomplish the studies to obtain the environmental permits that our clients require.

Our values

Our multidisciplinary team aims to ensure efficiency in the development of your project.

Our commitment consists in the accompaniment of the development of your project, from the procedural aspects to Environmental.

Sustainable development through the social and environmental responsibility scheme.

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